italian voice over artist for commercials, e-learning, answering machines, documentaries, audio guides and promos

My Voice

Young and brilliant voice for commercials, institutional for company presentations and answering machines. Versatile and suitable for dubbing children and cartoons.

Audio Productions

In my professional home studio I record any kind of audio. On request I offer completed products, ready for broadcast.

Answering Machines Messages

Many companies are already using my clear, professional voice for their voicemail messages. I record welcome or waiting messages, closed offices or vacation announcements.


Microphone: RODE NT-1A
Computer: Apple Mac Book Pro
Software: Reaper
Microphone Processor: TLAudio 5051 Ivory
Sound Card: Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Recording booth: Sound Station PRO 25 by Puma Acoustics


  1. Spot nazionale Sammontana Tre Marie 0:15
  2. Spot nazionale Rio Bum Bum Pavimenti 0:15
  3. Spot nazionale Rilastil 0:15
  4. Spot nazionale Mercatone Uno 0:31
  5. Spot nazionale Naima 0:27
  6. Spot nazionale Taleggio 0:15
  7. Spot Nazionale Ford Eco Days 0:30
  8. Spot Nazionale Monge 0:15
  9. Spot Nazionale Vichy 0:30
  10. Spot Toyota Aygo 0:24
  11. Lettere d'Oro 4:17
  12. Spot nazionale - CircularEni 0:15
  13. Instore Unieuro 0:18
  14. Demo segreteria 0:19
  15. Instore Viridea 0:18
  16. Studio Audio Quality 0:52
  17. Audio Guida Peugeot 0:35
  18. Liner Radio Fluo 0:32
  19. Segreteria Italiano/Inglese 0:49
  20. Duomo Shop - Milano 0:43
  21. Demo Interpretazione 0:25



  1. Demo Radio Bianca Micheletti 3:00
  2. Cluster FM - Thomas Cheval intervistato da Bianca in ClusterBox 12 marzo 2018 @ClusterFM 14:53
  3. Cluster FM - Leonardo Monteiro intervistato da Bianca in Clusterbox 19 aprile 2018 @ClusterFM 18:51
  4. Cluster FM - Lento intervistato da Bianca in ClusterBox 5 aprile 2018 @ClusterFM 24:55



Passionate about music and radio, I graduated in Media Languages ​​from Università Cattolica in Milan and took a Master’s Degree in Music Communication for the Discography and Media. Thanks to the Master I had the opportunity to learn about the radio industry and to acquire skills to work in the world of audio for advertising. In 2012 I founded Azzurro Etere, my first audio production business, at the same time I decided to start studying to become a voice over talent. I attended the diction course at Centro Teatro Attivo in Milan and one year of the theater and dubbing course at O.D.S. of Turin. Today, my business is mainly dedicated to the production of voice over audio for advertising, shopping centers, companies, etc…

In 2016 I had an experience as radio talent in a webradio and a local radio station in Milan where I hosted a daily shift dedicated to downtown events.

If you are looking for a particular and recognizable voice, I am your best choice!